Chemically clean your sand filter with BioGuard Strip Kwik!

1. Unplug the automatic pool cleaner and remove vacuum plate.  Backwash filter thoroughly.
2. Switch pump off and open the pump lid.
3. Pour 1 litre of Strip Kwik into the pump basket. Close pump lid.
4. With valve in BACKWASH position, switch pump on (1-2 seconds) and allow to run until a foamy substance appears in the “sight glass” and then switch pump off.
5. After 12-24 hours with valve on BACKWASH, switch pump on and allow backwash operation to continue until water in “sight glass” is clear or for a minimum of 5 minutes. Switch pump off.
6. Place valve on rinse position and rinse filter for 2 minutes.
7. Reset to normal filter operation.