Green Algae

Did you know, when you see algae, you already have about 30 million algae spores per 30ml of water!

o Single celled
o Free floating

1. Ensure that the filtration and circulatory system is working effectively.
2. Backwash and rinse the filter. (Ensure that the pool cleaner is unplugged.)
3. Check and adjust pH to 7.4
4. Apply BioGuard Burn Out one bag per 45,000 l of pool water
Double dose if chlorine level is zero. (2 bags Burn Out per 45,000 l)
5. Apply BioGuard MSA II algaecide 100 ml per 10,000 l of pool water or BioGuard Algae Killer
250 ml per 10,000 l of pool water.
6. Light algae problem: Aid filter with BioGuard Super Clear Tabs.
7. Heavy algae problem: With pump operating, add 100 ml Kwik Clear per 10,000 l of pool water. (as per instructions on product label.)
Circulate pool water for 2 hours, then shut pump down.
12-24 hours later slowly vacuum debris to waste, using a manual vacuum sweeper.
8. Use BioGuard Strip Kwik to cleanse the filter.
9. Use BioGuard Back Up to prevent algae growth. 

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