Mustard Algae

o Single Celled
o Mustard yellow colour
o Brushes off easily
o Chlorine resistant


1. Ensure that the filtration and circulatory system is working effectively.
2. Backwash and rinse the filter. (Ensure that pool cleaner is unplugged.)
3. Check and adjust pH to 7.4
4. Apply BioGuard Burn Out, one bag per 45,000 l of pool water.
Double dose if chlorine level is zero (2 bags Burn Out per 45,000 l)
5. Apply BioGuard MSA II algaecide. 100 ml per 10,000 l of pool water.
6. Throw in the “KITCHEN SINK” Inflatable’s, pool brushes and leaf rakes. If all equipment is not treated as well, it will re-infect the pool when used.
7. Aid filter with BioGuard Super Clear Tablets.
8. Use BioGuard Strip Kwik to cleanse the filter.
9. Use BioGuard Back Up to prevent algae growth.