Cleaners and Solution Products

Restore the pool equipment’s efficiency and keep your swimming pool looking new, inviting and ready for swimming when you are.

      Strip Kwik®

Removes oils and greases from diatomaceous earth filters, spa cartridges and sand filters. Lengthens filter cycles and promotes filter efficiency. BioGuard Strip Kwik should be used at least twice a season to control scale and to remove build-up of oils and greases on the filter media. It is highly recommended to cleanse filter media with Strip Kwik® after algae infestations.


  • Improves filtration/circulation
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Less water wasted
  • Less work
  • Works on all filter types

    Salt Cell Cleaner

A specialised complex formulation that makes salt chlorinator electrode cleaning easier and improves the cell life. Designed to remove build up of scale from electrodes.


  • Improves cell life
  • Safer for electrode
  • Easy to use

     Off the Wall

Highly effective tile and surface cleaner. Will remove bathtub ring and light scale deposits from swimming pool tiles. Unlike household products, this heavy duty pool surface cleaner is compatible with pool water.


  • Fast clean up
  • Won’t damage liner
  • Easy application

     Chlorine Reducer

This product quickly removes excess chlorine or bromine from pool water after super chlorination or algae treatment.


  • Reduces pool downtime
  • Dissolves instantly
  • Suitable for all swimming pool types