Spa Products

BioGuard® has the full range of SpaGuard® products, for use in spas and hot tubs to ensure clean, clear and hygienic conditions of the spa water and equipment.

SpaGuard® Enhanced Shock

An easy to use multi-purpose shock, specially formulated to minimize eye and skin irritation, reduce unpleasant odours and ensure crystal clear water.

SpaGuard® Chlorine Tabs

Stabilized chlorine tablets are ideal for use in outdoor spas. The chlorine residual lasts longer and is not easily broken down by sunlight.

SpaGuard® Bromine Tabs

The ideal sanitizer for indoor spas, effectively killing bacteria at a broader pH range.

SpaGuard® Spa Velvet

Make your spa bath experience the most refreshing yet. Spa Velvet leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized, reduces eye and skin irritations and is compatible with chlorine and bromine.

SpaGuard® Spa Sentry

Used to maintain a stable, comfortable pH as well as softening your spas water.

SpaGuard® Water Clarifier

Makes water clear and sparkling by improving filter efficiency without affecting the pH.

SpaGuard® Filter Brite

Restores filter cartridge efficiency by removing scale and rust deposits, greases, oils and organic wastes.

SpaGuard® Spa Pipes And Surface Cleaner

SpaGuard Spa Pipes And Surface Cleaner breaks down built-up grime, lotion, body oil, make-up, hair-care products, dirt and debris in pipes, jets and on surfaces. Cleaning your spa pipes and surface is essential for peak equipment performance and the highest quality water condition.

Wellness Hydro Therapies


inSPAration aromatherapy fragrances are designed for Spas, Hot Tubs and Whirlpool Baths. The unique aromatherapy blends are formulated for your hot water enjoyment, creating a rich soothing “Aromatherapy Experience”. inSPAration’s variety of fragrances and fragrance blends create that ultimate spa experience while at the same time leaving your skin soft and moisturized.

Why Use inSPAration Aromatherapy Fragrances?

  • inSPAration is proven to be safe for all Spa, Hot Tub and Whirlpool Bath surfaces.
  • inSPAration has been proven safe for all motors, jets and acrylics.
  • inSPAration contains no alcohol and is water-soluble.
  • Ideal for masking those unwanted chemical odours without foaming, affecting pH level, or water chemistry.

Liquid Pearl & Pearls Crystals

inSPAration Liquid Pearl and Spa Pearls Crystal are a specially formulated to enhance the Home Spa Experience. They are rich with minerals, body softeners and emollients that will soothe and relax tired muscles. Liquid Pearl and Spa Pears crystals are available in the following fragrances: Serenity Peonies, Desire Rose, Balance Lavender, Citrus Splash and Passion Flower

Wellness Hydrotherapies

Rejuvenate your soul for a sense of well living with Hydrotherapies Wellness Collection. Our specially formulated Aromatherapy Fragrance Blends are used in Spas, Hot Tubs, Jacuzzi’s and Whirlpool Baths. Wellness Hydrotherapies are available in the following fragrances: Soothing Cedarwood, Cleansing Green Tea and Relaxing Lavender

Happy Hour

Put a spin on your Happy Hour with inSPAration’s new line of Spa & Bath Aromatherapy. Meet your riends at the spa, relax and enjoy the party as you soak in a Therapeutic Cocktail Aroma specially formulated to enhance your Hot Water Experience. Happy Hour fragrances are available Mojito and Strawberry Daiquiry

Sport RX Crystals

Take it to the Next Level in Aromatherapy by immersing yourself in the power of Hydrotherapies Sport RX Crystals. Packed with Vitamins, Minerals and Natural Extracts. Sport RX is the ideal remedy for active lifestyles; choose between Elevate, Protect and Relax.

Sport RX Crystals Elevate

  • Reduce Stress
  • Lavender & Cedar Wood

Sport RX Crystals Protect

  • Detox & Immunity
  • Lavender & Rosewood

Sport RX Crystals Relax

  • Mind & Body
  • Chamomile & Bergamot