The BioGuard® 3-Step Programme

The BioGuard 3-Step Program is a simple approach to pool care that provides pool water that is safe, sparkling and algae-free in just three easy steps.

STEP 1 – Sanitize  to kill bacteria with Smart Tabs®

STEP 2 – Oxidise weekly to keep water sparkling clear with BioGuard Lite

STEP 3 – Prevent Algae with Back-Up®

1. Smart Tabs is a slow dissolving sanitizer specially formulated with SmartGuard an erosion control agent that makes it gentle on pool surfaces and equipment. The 200g tablets are designed for weir application.  This patented formula significantly slows dissolving when the pump is not running. For this reason Smart Tabs last up to twice as long as ordinary tabs.  For most applications, Smart Tabs will need to be replaced weekly. 

Alternative products such as Silk Tabs, Swim TabsSwim Clear Floater, Super Soluble and Ultraswim can be used as step 1 if desired.

2. BioGuard Lite is a multifunctional product designed to shock, oxidize, buffer and clarify, for water that is sparkling clear.  Its algae and bacteria killing patented technology will help keep pool water clear and inviting all season long.  There is no need to predissolve. Use weekly for best results.

Alternative products such as Burn Out, Ultraswim, Super Soluble or Oxysheen can be used as Step 2 if desired

3. Back Up, a highly effective, broad spectrum algae preventative which works together with Smart Tabs and Lite to prevent algae before it starts. It works to keep pool water clear and free of visible algae.  Simply apply an initial dose at the beginning of the season then add the maintenance dose on a weekly basis.  Back Up won’t evaporate and works even harder when water temperature rises, making it more helpful when your pool water needs the most algae protection. Back Up has powerful wetting agents that penetrate pool surfaces to get to places where algae starts growing.

MSA II algaecide is another alternative for algae prevention.


The 3-Step Program provides the following benefits: 

  1. Safe, sparkling and algae free water. The 3-Step Program ensures that the factors that affect a pool’s well-being are properly controlled and those problems are prevented before they begin.
  2. More free time. The 3-Step Program requires you to spend just fifteen minutes per week taking care of your pool.
  3. Less headaches. You will not have problems with algae, cloudy water or poor disinfection if you use the system properly.
  4. More fun. Less downtime that results from pool problems.
  5. Less RAND’s to spend. The 3-Step Program is more efficient than trying to use individual products.  It also saves money that would be spent solving problems.