The Mineral Springs®  Pool Care Programme

Bring the pleasure of a European Spa into your backyard…

Mineral Springs transforms an ordinary salt pool into extreme luxury for your swimming pleasure.  This is the ultimate system for saline/salt pools.  The Mineral Springs System generates wonderfully silky,  extremely clear, dazzling water. The specially purified minerals found in Beginnings and Renewal not only generates free available chlorine through the process of electrolysis  to kill bacteria and algae, it enhances the effectiveness of the salt chlorinator.

How is this achieved?

Beginnings… the elements for creating a European spa in your pool

Mineral Springs Beginnings, a proprietary blend of minerals, is an essential component to create a mineral water environment. Beginnings add purified minerals to the water so that the Cell and Controller can effectively and efficiently produce sanitizer. Without these minerals the electrolysis process cannot begin. Beginnings not only offers the benefits of establishing the initial mineral level essential for the system, it also adds minerals for softening the water, pH buffers to minimize possible pH fluctuations, clarifiers for enhanced water sparkle and additional sanitizer degradation inhibitors.

Beginnings Conversations… convert traditional salt pools into Mineral Springs experience

Traditional salt pools can be converted to a Mineral Springs pool by adding Mineral Springs Beginnings Conversions. Conversions is one of two products needed to turn an ordinary salt pool into a Mineral Springs experience. This product need only be used once to covert a traditional salt pool to a Mineral Springs pool. Once the conversion process is complete, use Mineral Springs Renewal on a weekly basis.

Renewal… maintaining the soft, gentle touch of nature

Mineral Springs Renewal is added weekly to replenish lost mineral levels and rejuvenate your Mineral Springs System. It also contains many other enhancers to contribute to the look and feel of the water. Like Beginnings, Renewal contains Mineral Salts for softening the water. Additionally, pH buffers and adjusters are included to offset pH drift along with special chelants, scale and corrosion inhibitors to prolong the lifespan of the Salt Chlorinator Cell. The benefits do not stop there; a filter aid and clarifier are blended into Renewal to maintain crystal, clear water. 1,25kg of Renewal per 50 000 liters of pool water is required weekly.


The perfect combination of nature and technology