BioGuard® Varitab Programme

Varitab is a unique dual layer tablet that sanitizes and shocks in one easy step.  This convenient slow dissolving tablet works effectively to eliminate contaminants and kill bacteria.  When used in conjunction with Back Up to prevent algae, this system will achieve crystal clear sparkling water for the ultimate swimming experience. The blue shock layer is designed to provide routine maintenance oxidation (step 2). The blue layer will dissolve in about two hours (with the pump running) leaving behind the white sanitizing layer (step 1). Varitab is designed for convenient weir application.

Sanitize and shock with Varitab, prevent algae with Back Up®

STEP 1:  White layer

The white layer dissolves slowly and is effective against bacteria and algae over a long period. Continuous flocculation and added hardness stabilizers ensures clean, clear water. It contains SunShield® technology which protects chlorine from loss to sunlight.

STEP 2: The Blue layer

The blue layer dissolves quickly to shock, remove cloudy water, kill bacteria, clean and disinfect the filter system.

STEP 3: Prevent algae with BioGuard® Back-Up®

Back Up®, a highly effective, broad spectrum algae preventative works together with Varitab to prevent algae before it starts. It works to keep pool water clear and free of visible algae.  Simply apply an initial dose at the beginning of the season then add the maintenance dose on a weekly basis.  Back Up® won’t evaporate and works even harder when water temperature rises, making it more helpful when your pool water needs the most algae protection. Back Up® has powerful wetting agents that penetrate pool surfaces to get to places where algae starts growing



What are the benefits?

  • The first & only dual layered chlorine tablet on the market
  • Sanitizes & shocks in one easy step, once a week
  • Less work & maintenance
  • Beautiful water without  hassles
  • Disinfects the filter
  • Prevents algae growth
  • Less RAND’s to spend. The Varitab Programme is more efficient than trying to use individual products.  It also saves money that would be spent solving problems.