The Importance of Sanitizing and Stabilizing Your Pool Water

Sanitization/Disinfection can be defined as the destruction of harmful bacteria to a level where they no longer pose a threat to human life. The principle objective of applying any type of sanitizer is to control the growth of bacteria instantly as it is introduced into the pool water.  To do this a sanitizer must be continually present in the water in a measurable active residual amount between 1-3ppm. (parts per million)

Sanitizer and Stabilizer

For swimming pool water to be safe for swimmers it must be properly sanitized.  Chlorine is commonly used for this purpose, more specifically free available chlorine. Unfortunately free available chlorine is quickly dissipated by the UV rays of the sun.  The speed at which free available chlorine is destroyed by sunlight is as much as 1.25 ppm per hour.  This makes for an uneconomical and inefficient use of chlorine.

Through the process of stabilization, the dissipation rate of free available chlorine can dramatically be reduced.  This involves the use of a product, BioGuard Sun Shield, which bonds with free available chlorine and prevents it from being drawn out of the water by sunlight.

Therefore, properly stabilized water requires less chlorine which saves you money and also, more importantly, the chlorine remains in the water where it protects the swimmers by killing bacteria and keeping the water clean.

Stabilizer levels can only be lost in pool water through backwashing, draining, splash out and leaks. Stabilizer cannot be lost through evaporation/dissipation and it cannot wear out. Therefore, it is economical to use as it requires infrequent additions.

When BioGuard’s stabilized chlorines are used, the initial boost to 40 ppm is all that is usually required unless a substantial loss of water is encountered.

Pool Sanitation is Step 1 in our “3-Step Programme Approach to Pool Care”.

Step 1 – Sanitizing the pool water, ensure the safety of the you, the bather by maintaining 24 hour bacteria kill with continuous disinfection with either BioGuard’s stabilized or unstabilized chlorine products.

BioGuard’s Chlorinating Product Options for Step-1 Include the following:

Unstabilized chlorine:

Stabilized chlorinating: