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The automated way to dispense stabilized chlorine into your pool.

Automate the BioGuard® 3-Step Programme or Synergy® System

BioGuard® Domestic Chlorine Feeder

BioGuard® Chlorine Feeder

The BioGuard® Chlorine Feeder is the ultimate in pool care technology. It’s the ideal system to chlorinate the pool with BioGuard® Swim Tabs or Synergy® Tabs. Check the feeder weekly and refill it when necessary. Test the chlorine level weekly to maintain 1-3 ppm chlorine residual by adjusting the feeder control valve to find the ideal setting. Domestic in-line feeders and commercial off-line feeders are available for automated chlorine applications.

For low-cost, trouble-free pool sanitation, the BioGuard® Chlorine Feeder is the answer

Chlorine Feeders provides the following benefits:

BioGuard® Commercial Chlorine Feeder


  • Low investment cost
  • Easy to install and simple to operate
  • Adjustable control valve, you control the chlorine output to suit the chlorine demand
  • It is the convenient and economical alternative to salt chlorination.