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The Synergy System is an easy pool care system designed to keep your pool blue ensuring you work less and play more in your pool.

Pool Care in a Box – A simple 2-step system for keeping your pool in perfect shape.

Synergy System® Pool Care in a Box

Pool Care in a Box

What makes Synergy an effective maintenance system? First and foremost, the Synergy System ensures that pool water is safe, comfortable to swim in, algae-free, and sparkling clear twenty-four hours a day. In addition, the Synergy System is more convenient than all the other pool care systems on the market as it requires a mere five minutes per week to maintain. No measuring is required and all the components of the system are packaged in one box, so there’s less to buy, less to do and more to enjoy!

STEP 1: Keeps water clear, bacteria and algae free

Synergy System® Floater

Synergy System Floater

Synergy System Floater is a slow release concentrated chlorine product. It is specifically formulated not only to provide highly efficient pool water sanitation but also enhance the water quality and bather comfort. Synergy System® Tabs with an In-Line Feeder or floating basket may be used instead of the floater option.

STEP 2: Keeps pool water sparkling, comfortable and clear

Synergy System® Clear x2

Synergy System Clear

Synergy System Clear replaces several products with one convenient pre-measured product. This specially formulated product, a blend of multiple oxidizers, clarifiers and water enhancing buffers, keeps your pool water clear and comfortable.