Professional Quality Pool Care Products

Restore sparkle to your pool water

Water enhancers not only get rid of cloudy water and make it brilliantly clear but also help your filter work more efficiently.

Why take the additional step of an enhancer?

Your pool is your investment. Having beautiful, sparkling clean water allows you to enjoy spending time in your pool. Enhancers bring out the beauty in your water and keep your filter working at maximum efficiency so you have more time in the pool instead of outside of it.

To maintain sparkling clear water

Polysheen® Blue

Polysheen® Blue

Polysheen® Blue is used to clear up cloudy water fast. It works on small suspended particles in the water.


  • Concentrated water clarifier for all pool types
  • Helps make water beautifully clear
  • Does not require dilution
  • Combines small particles into larger ones for easy removal by the filter
  • Highly concentrated so a little goes a long way
  • Can be used in all pool and filter types
  • Does not effect pH
Super Clear

Super Clear

Polish your pool water!! Water clarifiers now in tablet form.


  • Restores water clarity
  • Works on a wide range of debris
  • Gets to work immediately
  • Easy application – simply drop into the weir
  • No sticky residue

Treat cloudy water and remove unwanted contaminants

Kwik Clear

Kwik Clear

A pool settling agent to clear cloudy and discoloured water. Works overnight. Debris must be manually vacuumed from pool bottom.


  • Restores water clarity
  • Not pH sensitive
  • Easy vacuuming of debris
  • Works on a wide range of debris

Alum Powder

  • Alum Powder is used to flocculate exceptionally cloudy or muddy water in swimming pools as well as dead algae that remains in suspension causing a “Pea Soup” type appearance.
  • Once the suspended matter settles, a manual vacuum to “waste” is required.
Sparkle Up®

Sparkle Up®

Sparkle-Up® restores water sparkle and keeps pool water clear by assisting the filter with removing tiny particles of suspended dirt, plaster, dust, dead algae, etc. It also absorbs metal ions to help prevent staining on pool surfaces.


  • Restores water sparkle
  • Aids in removal of copper and iron
  • Improves filtration
  • For use with all filter types

Improves water comfort and feel

Pool Velvet

Pool Velvet

Pool Velvet provides pool owners with soft, comfortable pool water and reduces skin and eye irritations. Just think – No more of that dry,  itchy feeling you sometimes get after swimming. Pool Velvet users are amazed and delighted by the diamond-like sparkle that appears in their pool.

Enhance the BioGuard Maintenance Programmes/Systems with Pool Velvet.


  • Reduces operating costs
  • Reduces maintenance work
  • Sparkling water
  • Longer filter runs
  • More comfortable water
  • Longer swim time
  • Decrease the potential for scale formations and metal staining
  • Pool Velvet works in chlorinated, salt chlorinated and brominated pools.