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What is it?

The consistent inability to maintain chlorine levels is also called “chlorine demand” and is most often caused by a high level of inorganic and organic contaminants in the water. Those contaminants force the chlorine to work extremely hard to oxidize them, leaving little chlorine to protect swimmers. Proper chlorine levels cannot be re-established without first eliminating the contaminants. External factors such as sunlight and heat also contribute to chlorine loss.

To fix excessive chlorine loss:

  • Take a water sample to your BioGuard Dealer to determine the extent of the demand
  • Add BURN OUT®  to correct sanitizer levels

To prevent excessive chlorine loss:

  1. Maintain an appropriate sanitizer residual of 1-3ppm
  2. Shock/oxidize routinely or as needed depending on bather load
  3. Maintain an appropriate stabilizer level of 40-70 ppm
  4. Test water frequently and adjust as needed
  5. Routinely check for circulation and filtration issues