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Spa Bath Care

The practice of soaking in a hot tub is centuries old! Through the ages, the Romans, Japanese and many other cultures have realised its benefits to body and mind. A hot soak relaxes tired muscles, promotes circulation, helps relieve mental stress and is fun. But spa maintenance is important-and relatively easy-as long as you know what to do

Why chemical maintenance? The warmth and moisture in spa’s offer an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, algae and fungi that spread diseases and infection. Regular chemical maintenance will protect you and your investment and add bather comfort and enjoyment. Rely on your SpaGuard stockist: Your SpaGuard stockist receives extensive training and support from BioGuard, the world leader in pool and spa care.

There are 6 necessities of spa care and maintenance:


Proper circulation will prevent bacteria and other contaminants becoming problems. Run your spa’s circulation system every day and make sure it is always in good working order. When SpaGuard products are properly circulated they perform their jobs, keeping the water inviting and ready for our soaking pleasure.


Most problems are caused by poor filtration, because when the filter is dirty or is clogged, debris stays in the water. This leads to dull and cloudy water and poor sanitizer efficiency.


Contaminants such as dirt, oils and bacteria can accumulate around the water line-much like a bath tub ring. Regular cleaning of spa surfaces preserves the surfaces and prevents unwanted build up.

Draining and Refilling

Regular draining and refilling is a normal part of spa maintenance. Over time the water absorbs and dissolves minerals, chemicals and other soluble materials and the water looks dull, becomes foamy and develops an odour.

**Moderately used spa’s should be drained and refilled every 4-6 weeks.


Chemistry of your spa water needs to be checked regularly. Use SpaGuard products to keep certain characteristics of your water in perfect balance.
SpaGuard® products will make the water clear and comfortable, kill bacteria that can rapidly multiply in a spa, protect spa surfaces from stains caused by metals, and protect spa equipment from scale.


There are two primary factors that affect spa water: sanitizer (bromine and chlorine) residual and pH. When both are within the ideal range your water is comfortable, protected and clear, sanitizers and “shock products” work efficiently, and spa surfaces and equipment are protected.

Maintain bromine or chlorine residual within these recommended levels:
Chlorine = 2-3ppm
Bromine = 3-5ppm

Maintain pH between 7.4 -7.6

Contact your SpaGuard stockist for further information regarding basics of starting up your spa, picking the right programme that’s right for you as well as for any further information that you may require.